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Kids Globe's Make Great Learning Tools

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World Globes are World-Class Learning Tools

Many studies have shown that an engaged child is a child ready to learn! It's important to keep children motivated to explore and learn new things by presenting them with the right tools to provide opportunities for educational interaction. With that in mind, a kid's globe helps early learners grasp complicated geographic concepts and discover their inner scientist!

Help Kids Make Sense of the World Around Them

How can you enable a child to widen their horizons and globe-trot without having to leave their home or classroom? World globes allow curious eyes to comprehend the bigger picture, where they live concerning other nations, the shape, the magnitude of the earth, and the placement of continents, and much more! A world globe may seem simple by design, but a high-quality one can create a memorable experience that can influence their educational path for years to come.

A World Globes "Rules/Ways of Engagement"

What makes a world globe the perfect conversation starter? A lesson that includes a world globe encourages children to connect, touch and seek out answers for themselves. Here are some ways world globes inspire learning moments:

  • Globes help a child form a vivid mental map in their mind in terms of geography and proportion.
  • The world globe experience changes perspectives. If a child refers to a world map as opposed to a kids globe, they may mentally picture the world in flat form. When a child looks at a globe, their thinking (in a way) can become three-dimensional, proportionate to the Earth's measurements, increasing understanding.
  • World globes can promote kinesthetic stimulation. A kids globe design that is topographical, and textured, allows young children to feel the differences in elevation. It is also a whole lot of fun!
  • Just by spinning a globe children are given a bird's eye view of the natural and physical features of the earth.
  • The mere look of a globe grabs children's (and many adults') attention. 2-dimensional images don't have the same appeal as spherical, spinnable globes.

Kids Globes are Focal Points and Focus

Every child deserves access to quality tools that make learning fun and engaging. Statistics show that engaged children are more likely to be:

  • Focused and attentive
  • Motivated to learn
  • Skilled at higher levels of critical thinking

The right kid's globe can create fun, and dynamic discussions. They prompt conversation and a decorative appeal that captivates young and old. Good discussions are elemental in promoting active learning. Globes center discussions on geography while adding another pivotal layer of connectivity.

Get Connected!

You can change the way a child sees the world--literally! Inspire them to see the world through new eyes, like the historic explorers of long ago discovered for themselves! Our world is a beautiful sphere, full of texture, life, and diversity. A kid's globe can provide every child the opportunity to touch and experience the world in their own, unique way. Find out how you can start a child on the journey of discovery today with our Globes for Kid's!