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What Is The Updatable Globe Program?

Ultimate Globes

The updatable program was established to provide an option for those customers that would like to update the globe ball portion of their globe as changes in the world occur.

To qualify for the updatable globe program, you must first purchase a qualifying globe manufactured by Waypoint Geographic or Replogle Globes. On our product detail pages, you will find a sub-section entitled "Updatable Globe Program." If you see this on the item you are viewing, that product qualifies.

It is important to either save the receipt of your purchase or write down the date, model number, and product name. This is especially important if your item is given or received as a gift. You may also visit our How Old is Your Globe page if you no longer have this information to try and determine its age through other methods.

Lastly, when changes in boarders or names occur you can contact our Customer Support department and we will be happy to assist you with your update.

This program will provide you the opportunity to purchase the replacement globe ball at 50% of the cost of the complete globe at the current time, saving you from having to buy all the components such as the stand and meridian. It is a great program if you plan to keep your globe for years to come.