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Where can I buy a World Globe?

Ultimate Globes

As you have no doubt figured out while shopping for a globe, they are challenging to locate at your local retail stores. The main reason for this deficiency is space. As most desk globes are 12 inches in diameter and most floor globes are 16 inches, both styles require quite a bit of retail space to display, especially if you are looking for variety. Unfortunately, retailers very rarely what to give up space to display a large variety of globes.

Occasionally, you may find a small desk globe at retailers such as TJ Max or Home Goods. However, these globes are typically low-quality items explicitly meant to fill a void in a home's decor, and they are not intended as educational or reference items. Because of how these types of globes are manufactured, you will find that in most cases, the maps are not updated, or boundaries and lands are outlined based on the requirements of the country in which they are manufactured; this is especially true of globes being manufactured in Asia.

Here at Ultimate Globes, we have delivered hundreds of thousands of world globes to our customers. We realize that shopping online isn't always convenient to truly understand the size of a product and how it relates to your home or office needs. To help our customers make the best decision on which item to buy, we have made every effort to include details about what to expect when you unpack your new globe on each product page—explaining features such as illumination or raised relief or the type of material used during manufacturing.

In addition, we provide free shipping on most items within the continental USA and no restocking fees, so if you need to exchange or return an item, we have you covered.

So when considering where to buy your next globe, shop here, with Ultimate Globes, where you will find one of the largest selections of up-to-date globes for home, office, and school with quick shipping and excellent customer support. Thank you for shopping with us, and always feel free to reach out if you need any assistance selecting the perfect globe!