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Waypoint Geographic - Ultimate Globes

Waypoint Geographic

Waypoint Geographic manufactures quality globes that include desk & floor models for the home and office. Also, they have one of the largest selections of kids’ world globes. You will find that what sets Waypoint apart from other globe manufacturers is the value received with each product. Their well-priced line includes high-end globes and maps at incredible prices.

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Normandy Globe (antique) - WP61115 - Ultimate Globes

About Waypoint Geographic

Waypoint Geographic is a renowned manufacturer known for its high-quality globes, catering to both educational and decorative needs. At Ultimate Globes, we offer an extensive selection of Waypoint Geographic products, including desk and floor models suitable for home and office, as well as a diverse range of globes designed specifically for children. Each globe from Waypoint Geographic is crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.

When considering a Waypoint Geographic globe, here are some key factors to keep in mind:

- Purpose: Determine if the globe is for educational purposes, decorative use, or both. Waypoint Geographic offers specialized globes that cater to different needs.
- Size and Model: Choose between various sizes and models, such as desk globes, floor globes, and illuminated globes, to fit your space and preference.
- Features: Look for features like raised relief embossing, detailed cartography, and illumination options that enhance the globe's functionality and visual appeal.
- Materials and Construction: Waypoint Geographic globes are made from high-quality materials, including sturdy bases and stands, ensuring long-lasting use.
- Price and Value: Evaluate the price in relation to the features and quality. Waypoint Geographic is known for providing exceptional value with their well-priced, high-end globes and maps.

By considering these factors, you can select the perfect Waypoint Geographic globe from Ultimate Globes that meets your needs and enhances your home, office, or educational setting.


My Waypoint Globe was delivered quickly and I found it to be just as described. This will be a great addition to our home for years to come.

Como Globe - WP21102 - Ultimate Globes

Roger H.

Floirda, USA

The kids map and puzzle we ordered have been great learning tools for our 5 yo grandson. He has learned quite a bit about the world in a very short time.

Kids Puzzle of the United States - KP02 - Ultimate Globes

Grandma Potts

Texas, USA

We ordered the Versus globe which we believe is one of the largest globes available. The text is easy to read which was an initial concern. We love our globe thanks to the folks at Ultimate Globes for their assistance.

Versus Globe - WP61121 - Ultimate Globes

Tamera H

New York, USA

I think the Waypoint globes are the best. We purchased another globe and it had alignment issues, this one does not.

Primus Raised Relief Globe - WP21107 - Ultimate Globes

Trevor T

South Carolina, USA

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