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Top 10 Globes for Kids


Globes make an excellent gift for children and an excellent way to teach them about the planet we inhabit. If you are looking to quickly find the perfect globe we have compiled our top 10 globes for kids to make your shopping easy.

This list is compiled based on purchase and feedback data from 1,000's of customers this year. You simply can't go wrong with any of the items on this list, but you may find one that is the most fitting for your young one.

1. Parlamondo

The Parlamondo is one of the highest ranked interactive globes available and a customer favorite. This globe with its wireless pen features 1,000's of interesting facts and Multi-Language functions. A very well priced interactive globe that includes illumination, clear to read named places and color coded countries. Once you have had a chance to play all the features including its on/off illumination feature you will quickly understand why so many choose this globe over others.

2. Pioneer

For a more traditional globe featuring political boundaries and named places, the Pioneer globe is one of the most functional globes available. Our customers love the full swing mounting that allows the globe to rotate left or right as well as be turned up or down. This allows easy viewing of the globe without having to pick it up. Did we mention, this globe is packed with over 4,000 named places and points of interest.

3. Treasury

Similar to the Pioneer Globe the Treasury features a political globe with full swing mounting. What makes this a favorite and an easy selection for our top 10 globes for kids is it can be displayed as a floor standing model or desk globe by removing the wood post. This dual function display will allow you to choose the right option for the area the globe will need to be displayed. It is also the only children's globe available with a floor stand option.

4. Scout Globe

Economical and information packed with beautiful easy to read and understand text and coloration is the best way to describe the Scout globe. One of our most popular globes for kids it features 1,000's of political named places and points of interest, including ocean topography not typically found on most globes. The sturdy stand made of acrylic is built to last. Also available in an illuminated version.

5. Safari Explorer

The Safari Explorer globe available in Blue or Pink is a favorite with customers. This globe shows 100's of animals with typical locations and a variety of points of interest. Also includes illumination with an inline on/off switch which can serve as a night light or simply enhance the map and images on the globe. Solid choice for those looking for more than just a political map.

6. Earth & Sky 2in1

Get 2 globes in 1 with the Earth & Sky globe. This globe has illumination! When turned off you see the political markings of the globe including countries, major named places and points of interest. When turned on, find the night sky, with constellations and major stars. This globe is perfect for learning about both the world we live and the night sky we live under.

7. GeoSafari Jr.

Bindi Irwin is the celebrity voice for this talking globe. A more simple talking globe geared toward children 4+ that includes 1,000's of fun facts about nature, animals, countries, cities, continents and oceans. It also includes explore, find and measure games that enhance the learning experience. The wireless pen is easy to use. A well tested globe that customers really love.

8. MagneGlobe

This isn't your typical globe. The MagneGlobe is a metal globe covered with an up-to-date map. Included are magnetic marking pins that adhere to the globes surface. Great for marking places you have gone, going or would like to go. Easily used for challenging a child's ability to identify locations and places in the world. Due to the size of the magnets we do not recommend this globe for young kids.

9. Inflatable Solar System

The full solar system in a rugged set of blow up globes. Many customers have reported hanging these globes from the ceiling in their Child's room using the tabs on the globes. This set includes a blow up pump and repair kit if needed. Includes 8 planets, Sun, Earth's Moon and Pluto. Challenge the order in which they go or simply play or hang for decoration, this is a fun educational tool.

10. Navigator Globe

If you are looking for a more decoratively finished globe for a room without the illumination, cords or batteries that will be used for years to come, the Navigator globe is a good choice. A more traditional globe, it features an up to date political map, with continents, countries, cities, states and ocean floor detail. This globe has a wood base and metal numbered semi-meridian. For that finishing touch this is the right match.

In addition to our Top 10 Globes for Kids, shop our full selection of kids globes to find the perfect globe for your child's needs.