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1-Year Extended Warranty

1-Year Extended Warranty

Ultimate Globes is happy to provide its customers with a FREE 1-year extended manufacturer's warranty against manufacturing defects on top of the standard warranty that is offered from the manufacturer. This provides coverage for one year from the date of the original manufacturers warranty expiration and specifically applies to any defects in the product that may have arisen during the manufacturing process.

Here are some key features and benefits associated with our 1-year extended manufacturer's warranty:

    1. Duration: The extended warranty provides coverage for a period of one year, supplementing the initial manufacturer's warranty and offering extended protection for the product.

    2. Defect Coverage: The warranty specifically focuses on manufacturing defects, which are issues or faults that occur during the production or assembly process of the product. These defects can include malfunctions, non-functional components, or any other manufacturing-related problems.

    3. Repair or Replacement: In the event of a manufacturing defect during the period of the extended warranty, Ultimate Globes may offer repair services or replacement parts to fix the problem or, if necessary, provide a replacement product of equal value.

    4. Exclusions: It's important to note that this extended warranty does not cover damages or defects resulting from misuse, accidents, unauthorized repairs, or normal wear and tear. This warranty is specific to issues related to the manufacturing process.

    5. Transferability: This extended warranty is not transferable.

    6. Customer Support: Ultimate Globes provides customer support services to handle warranty claims and inquiries. This may involve contacting the manufacturer directly or going through authorized service centers or repair facilities.

    7. Costs: The Ultimate Globes 1-Year Extended Warranty is complementary.

For any questions relating to our extended warranty, please contact our customer support department.