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Discover the top-rated world globes and maps with our in-depth reviews and expert insights. At UltimateGlobes.com, we provide detailed comparisons to help you choose the perfect globe or map for your home, office, or educational needs. Our comprehensive reviews cover various styles, sizes, and features to ensure you find the best product that meets your requirements. Explore now and make an informed decision with confidence!

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I am kind of a map nut, I have traveled for years as an electrical foreman doing commercial and Industrial construction. I always have loved maps and this Globe is very nice big enough to see clearly in my old age.
Buy one they are beautiful.

Aviator Globe
Hiedi F.M.

I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend who mentioned he has always wanted a globe. When he learned this one illuminated, he was ecstatic!!! Perfect size, font easy to read and spinning movement is extremely smooth. I highly recommend this globe.

Andorra Globe
Richard K.

I gave the Andorra Globe to my nephew as a gift for learning all the countries and capitals of the world. He used the word "stunning to describe" the Andorra. It is functional, accurate, and beautifully decorative.

Nicollet Globe
Richard K.

This 16" globe is beautiful whether illuminated or not. I was impressed with the quality: the lines of longitude and the borders line up nicely at the only seam, which is the equator. The wooden stand is of excellent quality and decorative. The place names are easily read and the full swing meridian style makes it easy to study all parts of the globe without going through contortions. The only problem for me is the lack of capital cities for some West Indies Island Nations, Palau, Nauru, and the small European Nations like Liechtenstein, Andorra, and Luxembourg. This is probably due to limited space which is understandable. But the amount of information and detail otherwise is superb, and as best I could tell all the other capitals and countries are included on the globe. I'm really looking for a very similar globe with all the capitals and countries listed, so I guess it will have to be much bigger.

Treasury Globe

This globe is perfect for my office, it is all as advertised

Treasury Globe
marcella L.

Very pleased with this globe, just what I wanted at an affordable price.

Bingham Globe
Patricia B.

I treated myself to a quality globe made in the USA. I purchased this globe after researching Bingham. What a nice way to honor him being an explorer and other outstanding career moves for our country. I think I’m going to figure out how to get a tiny golden plaque with his name and date. Outstanding job!

love the map, It's huge but there was little, of no installation tips or instructions. I was told to call national Geographic and they never got back to me. It is installed now but it could have been fantastic had I better understood how to install it.

Revolution Globe
Rhonda D.

I purchased this as a gift for my fellow world traveler and am so excited to give it to him. It is absolutely beautiful. It was packaged very carefully for a safe shipment and arrived in perfect condition. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a nice globe that is tastefully mounted to rotate freely.

This unique, decorative addition which I have selected to present to my “Valentine” is lovely and he will be fascinated by the technology involved.

Livingston Globe
Deborah E.

I love my new globe and the quality was very amazing.

Landen Globe
Stephanie A.M.

We bought the globe for our mom who lives in MT and has always wanted one that she can use when reading books or watching programs about place in the world. This is the perfect height for her to sit comfortably and locate the places she's looking for and the print is large enough for her 80 year old eyes to see. We opted for the non-illuminated so she can place it where she wants and not be tied to a power outlet. A battery illuminated globe would have been ideal for her - just a suggestion.

While we've not seen it, my brother was visiting and assembled it for her. He said it was easy. They both say it is beautiful. Mom mentions it every time we call!

Delivery was very fast and trackable.

It's a nice globe with quality control problems, not all the longitudinal lines line up at the equator of the globe and some separation of the slices of the globe during the manufacturing. I understand that making a globe is not easy, but I would think that the quality control from Replogle Globes would be better. I knew of these problems before hand and still ordered it. I just what others to know so they can make an informed decision on their own purchase.

My globe arrived well-packed in perfect condition and quite speedily. The globe itself is very detailed with its clear markings and raised relief, and is just beautiful when illuminated. Just what I had in mind and was hoping for. Very happy!

I love this globe- it matches my modern contemporary style and offers a beautiful warm glow in the evening. It doesn’t have the US states all identified but due to its size that may have been hard to do. No regrets!

High quality product, easy to assemble.

Bingham Globe
Valerie K.

With so many inferior decor items with a globe, why not invest in the real thing, good quality that you can learn from? It also blends well with executive decor as well as rustic industrial without being obtrusive, certainly not a "classroom" looking thing [not that classrooms are bad]. The raised areas on the surface are not at all exaggerated, but enhance. It is lightweight but sits stable and the stand is padded. Shipping was efficient and as fast as possible.

This globe is everything I had hoped for in a new globe. The internal lighting is a wonderful feature and is a big help in reading the smaller fonts. The coloring is vivid and it the meridian mechanism works well. I'm going to add some extra weight to the base just in case it gets bumped because even though the wood looks nice it is lightweight. My previous globe was smaller and though we had it for a long time it was prone to getting bumped and eventually got broken. The 12 inch size is ideal as it has much more information and I'm impressed with how well every thing matches up.

Landen Globe
Mary L.

I purchased two globes, one for my grandson and one for my granddaughter and her husband. I was very happy with the way the orders were handled and the fast delivery. My grandchildren are very happy with the globes.

Bingham Globe
joseph b.

Nice globe!

Very modern and beautiful! I love it!

Treasury Globe
Rebecca W.

Everyone commented on its quality...a very nice globe.

We were delighted with the muted colors and the relief feature of this globe, and the clean simple lines of the supporting structure. Even better than we expected.

I am just totally fascinated by the technological/scientific engineering incorporated into this globe. Additionally, the detail is exquisite and almost life-like. I'm very satisfied with this product!

Bingham Globe
Betty V.

I'm a 73 year old retired nurse, wife,mother , grandmother artist and I’m always curious about everything. I’m always looking up places on my phone and I’ve had a wall map for about 10 years. Why I never bought a globe before is beyond me. I don’t know why I suddenly decided I had to have one but when I discovered Ultimate Globes it was like finding a treasure. The Bingham Globe was made for me.