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MOVA Blue Ocean Relief Globe

Globe Diameter
MOVA Base Style


  • Map: Topographical Blue Ocean Map
  • Style: Revolving and Non-Illuminated
  • Mounting: Sit on Top
  • Material: Acrylic Outer Shell, Internal Revolving Globe
  • Product Currency: Latest Edition
  • Assembled Size: Select Options for Sizing

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MOVA Globes  |  SKU: MG-45-RBE  |  Barcode: 894220000984


The MOVA Blue Ocean Relief globe is a beautiful decorative addition to any space. It rotates effortlessly on a stylish stand, without the need for batteries. Using ambient light and the Earth's own magnetic fields, this globe is able to deliver continuous rotation. In addition, it is the advanced solar cells within the globe that absorb ambient light within the room to create the needed power.

The rotation is very similar to the Earth's own revolution.How it preserves its quiet splendor in part comes from a clear liquid rests between two layers, the inner globe and the outer clear acrylic shell. This allows the globe to revolve without creating friction between the two surfaces. The fluid itself is safe and is used to help magnify the distinct features of the map.

The continental colors within the MOVA Blue Ocean Relief globe are true to the region's climate. The map variations show areas ranging from desert to lush forests as well as blue oceans.

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MOVA Blue Ocean Relief Globe in Action

No Cords, No Batteries, Just Smooth Rotation!

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Myong J.

I'm always fascinated by our universe. I love this rotating globe. I can't help it but to stare at it and imagining how fragile our world is. I absolutely love it.

Richard B.

We had a large rotating globe like this before, but it stopped rotating after a few years. This one is smaller but still nice looking. I hope it keeps rotating for a long time. There was a brown paper covering on both the top and bottom of the acrylic base that I thought would be hard to remove, but they came off quite easily when I soaked the base in hot water for a short time. Now it displays a lot better!

Nicole P.

There is something fascinating about these globes. A friend recommended it and i got one for my husband's birthday. Since most of his holiday gifts (experiences) got cancelled due to COVID, this was a great make-up gift.

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MOVA Blue Ocean Relief Globe - MG-45-RBE - Ultimate Globes

MOVA Blue Ocean Relief Globe

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Globe Diameter

  • 4.5"
  • 6"
  • 8.5"

MOVA Base Style

  • Acrylic Base
  • Tall Crystal Base
  • Crystal Base
  • Arched Wood Base - Black
  • Arched Wood Base – Natural
  • Square Wood Base - Black
  • Square Wood Base - Natural


Topographical Blue Ocean Map


Revolving, Non-Illuminated

Globe Diameter


Globe Diameter



Sit on Top


Acrylic Outer Shell, Internal Revolving Globe

Product Currency

Latest Edition

Assembled Size

Select Options for Sizing


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